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File Specs

The information will help you in preparing your files for the best possible printing quality at Cambridge Offset.

File Types
We accept most modern graphics formats. However, we work fastest with a print-ready PDF file. Some artwork charges may apply to accepting artwork in other formats. Artwork is billed at the rate of $85 per hour.

Basic Instructions
Make sure you are using high resolution artwork for anything you want us to print. Low-res art is fine for a web page or email broadcast if you are doing a multi-channel campaign. When you bring us your file(s) also try to bring copies of your fonts and a printed sample of how the document should look. Make PDF files whenever possible.

Just chooise the press quality or high quality print job options available in all of the Adobe apps. If you don't change the settings to include bleed, our automated preflight will mirror your image at the egedes to create bleed for you.

Advanced Tips for Professionals
The following tips are intended for graphics professionals:
Embed fonts
Convert text to outlines
Don't use trapping
Avoid transparency in front of spot colors
Generate PDF 1.4 files when possible.

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